HSU 夏令营

Hardin-Simmons offers a variety of summer camps to help students learn athletic skills, improve music skills, and provide challenge and enrichment for students who are advanced and gifted learners.

Finance and Investment Camp

This camp is for high school juniors & seniors interested in learning more about finance and investing. Classes cover subjects in personal finance, 房地产, 股票, 债券, mergers and acquisitions, 信托基金, and entrepreneurship. The cost is $50 which will include lunch and a binder of materials. Teachers are business professors at Hardin-Simmons University.


HSU 体育运动 teaches courses every summer to kids from kindergarten through 12th grade in day or overnight camps. 足球, 垒球, 篮球, 足球, 网球, and volleyball camps are designed to teach everything from the basics to advanced skills that may someday see your student become an HSU Cowboy or Cowgirl! For more information view the 体育运动 夏令营 website.

Summer 游泳营

HSU offers affordable swimming camps designed to for people from 6 months old to 99 years old! Various courses teach students to be comfortable in the water all the way up to specific strokes for advanced students. HSU also offers American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification Courses. For more information view the Swim Camp website or contact Corrie Reed at 325.670.1470 or swim@themommiescafe.com.

Outdoor 娱乐 Camp

Join us for an action-packed and fun-filled outdoor sports and activity recreation camp hosted by Hardin-Simmons University!  Our camp is designed for kids ages 6-13 years old who love to play and enjoy the great outdoors.  Activities include: kickball, scavenger hunt, capture the flag, relay races and more. T-shirt and prizes too!  In case of bad weather, this camp will be canceled, and a refund issued. 今天就报名! 


Do you LOVE doing arts and crafts?!  If so, then this is the PERFECT camp for you! Young artists will enjoy creating multiple projects of every kind including painting, clay creations and yarn designs. Students will have an art exhibit on the last day to show off their work! Remember to dress for painting! 今天就报名! 

Jr. Police Academy Camp

We would love to have your child join us for the fun-packed HSU Jr. Police Academy Camp. Hosted by our HSU police staff. Highlights include: police vehicles, police equipmen K-9 unit, “solving” a crime, an obstacle course and much more.  T-shirt, lunch, and child ID kit provided. 今天就报名!